Retailer Promotion Winter 2020

Hello Sweetie cards are designed by Graphic Designer & Hand Lettering Artist Crystal Picard. You can find these cards in boutique retail stores from coast to coast and as a top seller in Atlantic Canada's Paper Hearts Post Office program in Sobeys Stores.  

As things tighten up again, we're aiming to help our retailers big and small as much as possible this holiday season. 

To make sure you have lots of new goods to attract local traffic to your shop, Hello Sweetie is changing order restrictions from Black Friday to the end of December. 

Placing an order has never been easier in 2020: 

  • Because for some, big orders aren't in the budget, minimum order amount has been dropped to $100 for new AND returning orders. 
  • Free delivery across Canada on all wholesale orders. 
  • Minimum card amount has been dropped down to 3 cards per design so you can mix and match.
  • Online graphics are included so you can get your products online. Check out our website for descriptions you can copy and paste right into your online store. 

To place a wholesale order, send an email to:

Need more info before making a decision? Check out our Wholesale Page Here.

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