Retailer Bonus for Winter 2020 (Order before November 20th)

It's been a hard year for retailers, so to kick off the season we're making sure every retailer gets a bonus with their purchase. 

Hello Sweetie cards are designed by Graphic Designer & Hand Lettering Artist Crystal Picard. You can find these cards in boutique retail stores from coast to coast and as a top seller in Atlantic Canada's Paper Hearts Post Office program in Sobeys Stores.  

New and Returning retailers will enjoy this benefit on orders made over $500: 

  • 12 free cards of your choice (Value: $71.40)
  • Free Shipping in Canada

Or start small with this retailer special on orders over $200: 

  • 6 free cards of your choice (Value: $35.70)


To receive your wholesale code or place an order, send an email to:

Need more info before making a decision? Check out our Wholesale Page Here.

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