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Cheerfetti Gift Co. is an online shop that specializes in offering cheerful gift packages for all occassions. It might be a gift to cheer up a friend you haven't seen in awhile, something to celebrate a birthday or even a little surprise just to say hi. 

All items available in one of  Cheerfetti's ready-to-delight gift boxes are also available for sale in the shop. They ship across Canada, the US and also offer local delivery in Halifax, Dartmouth and surrounding areas. 

Iwona is the owner of the shop and she approached me in Fall of 2020 to be a part of her product lineup. Being included in a gift box was one of my 2020 goals, so I jumped at the chance to get to work with her! While we couldn't catch up over a coffee and chat, I was able to get the low down via email. 

Here's what she had to say: 

What is your business, in a nutshell?

An online gift shop offering cheerful gift packages for all occasions.

What is your favourite part of running your shop?

It's a toss up between sourcing new products, and putting together customers' custom gift boxes. I love seeing what gift sets people come up with and bringing them to life.

Wine Lovers Gift Box from Cheerfetti Gift Co. with a card, wine glass and chocolate

Can you tell me a bit about your gift box service and how to take advantage of it?

There are two options in terms of the gift boxes. You can shop the curated gift boxes, which are all based around a theme and most are meant to be fun. These are great if you need something quick and easy or are short on time, or simply because you find something perfect for the person you're buying for!

The other option is to create a custom gift box. With hundreds of products available in the shop, there is really a lot of customization you can do to create a gift set that's perfect for the gift receiver. As well, each product description states whether the item is made in Canada or elsewhere, so if that's important to you we make that crystal clear on each page.

You can also customize your gift box and ribbon colours and if you include a greeting card I will personally write your message in the card. These personal touches are available for the curated gift boxes as well.

And to really take advantage of the service, customers can sign up for our newsletter to get 10% off their first order :)

Amour No More Giftbox from Cheerfetti featuring a notebook, chocolate and candle

Something people might not know about your shop?

Cheerfetti actually evolved from a different business idea, which was a breakup gift box. At the time I didn't realize all the flaws in that idea and had very little knowledge of running a business, and needless to say it was a giant flop. Fast forward a few business courses, many lessons learned, and some thickened skin, Cheerfetti came to life, and a nod to the old business idea is found in the Amour No More gift box.


With mother's day right around the corner, I thought it would be important to point out this offering for those who won't get to see their family this year. Check out her website for ways to make your Mom feel extra special, even from afar. 

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