Featured retailer: Kept Shop

You know the feeling you get when you grab a latte and walk around a morning market? That's the same feeling you'll get every time you walk into our brand new retail location: Kept Shop in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Hello Sweetie Featured Retailer: Kept Shop in Dartmouth
Kept is a family-run, independently owned and operated boutique located just a block from the Dartmouth ferry terminal.

Their goal is to make gift giving easy and brick-and-mortar shopping fun again! With a little something for everyone, Kept carries a hand-picked selection of home decor items, jewelry and accessories, paper goods, items for children and babies, and locally made confections.

I first found the shop when I was still in school for graphic design. We would often bus downtown for our lunch breaks, grab a coffee around the corner at Two If By Sea and make our way to Kept.

Their selection of home and giftware inspired many a design project. I have archives of photos on my old phone of pics I snapped there to use as a colour pallet for a poster, or a closeup of a cute dining set to use as motif inspiration.

Want to plan your perfect trip to Kept? This is my fall-favourite go-to plan for having the best Saturday morning:

Step 1: Get on the Ferry. Halifax or Dartmouth, as long as you finish the trip on the Dartmouth side! Lovingly waste some time enjoying the sound of the ocean and the gentle tumble of the ferry across the waves. (I'm serious here. It's a must.)

Step 2: Walk through the Alderney Market. Listen to the bustle of people enjoying their morning.

Step 3: Walk up the hill to King Street in Dartmouth, and locate number 75. It'll look like this:

Hello Sweetie Featured Retailer: Kept Shop in Dartmouth

Step 4: Browse the shop. I don't suggest getting coffee first because you're going to want to pick up things, take photos to post on Instagram and chat with their friendly staff.

Step 5: Check out this shelf of beautiful jewelry. My personal fave right now includes these zodiac necklaces.

Hello Sweetie Featured Retailer: Kept Shop in Dartmouth

Step 6: Pick up a cute mug or maybe a set of oven mitts that look like owls or foxes? (Side note to my Mom, I know you're reading this, and I would definitely bake more if I had heat-safe hand-foxes)

Hello Sweetie Featured Retailer: Kept Shop in Dartmouth

Turn around to check out their wall of ceramic pieces. My favourites are currently their nordic themed casserole dishes and their ceramic pour-overs.

Hello Sweetie Featured Retailer: Kept Shop in Dartmouth

or head up the small flight of stairs to check out the back half of the store. Kept actually makes their own line of tin candles which makes me extra sad that my cat has asthma and can't be around scented items. (Really, you're enjoying them for both of us.)
Hello Sweetie Featured Retailer: Kept Shop in Dartmouth

Step 7: Grab yourself some Hello Sweetie cards to brighten the day of someone you love.

Hello Sweetie Featured Retailer: Kept Shop in Dartmouth

Step 8:  With bags of goodies in hand, head around the corner to Two If By Sea, grab a drink and one of their famous croissants and bask in the sun by the windows.


And that's it! The recipe for the most perfect morning in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

There are so many cute shops around the downtown area, but I'll cover those in a separate post.

For now, I hope you'll join me in welcoming Kept to our list of retailers and make sure to stop by the next time you're in the area!

75 King Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 2R7

Mon - Fri 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-4p"

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