Featured Retailer: Inkwell Boutique

I'm so pleased to talk about one of my retailers in Halifax: Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique

I have a long history with this business, as the week before I decided to strike out on my own as a freelancer in December of 2016, I actually interviewed at this store! I was—and still am—obsessed with stationery and owner Andrea chatted with me over our love of Mary-Kate Mcdevitt and hand-made everything. 

Haven't heard of it yet? Inkwell is an independently owned modern handmade boutique and letterpress studio located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with an abundant selection of specialty printed paper products and handmade delights by artists from around the corner and across the world.

They are located not even a block from my home studio on Brunswick Street in Halifax and have a range of local artists and unique gift ideas. 

One of my favourite things about this shop is the letterpress located just inside the door of the shop! Pictured below is Isabella, a press I've gotten to know personally as Andrea opens up the store to Demo's of the press each Nocturn! 

As well as hosting work of over 200 artists, Inkwell also has their own original line which uses this beautifully restored press. 

One of the many artists featured here is fellow Halifax Local: Megan Archer who owns Aflame Creations. She has a range of exquisite enamel jewelry. 

Coming all the way from Washington, DC are these amazing towels from The Neighborgoods, including a shuck yeah towel that would go perfectly with a night of oysters at home. 

Along with dozens of gift ideas, they also feature some incredible card designs from artists across the province and beyond. I'm incredibly pleased to be counted among the artists featured in this adorable shop! 

Coming for a visit to Halifax? Make sure you plan a trip to stop by and check out this shop and pick up some Hello Sweetie Cards while you're there! 

Looking to become one of our wholesalers? Send us an email at info@hellosweetie.ca to get started and you might be our next feature! 

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